Focus, Collaboration & Communication

We focus on education for your school-age patients. We have an approach that excels at providing kids in unique circumstances outstanding, individually tailored education services. Moreover, our teachers are educators, mentors and skilled collaborators. We maintain our focus on education, but we understand that the healing process takes a collaborative effort. We can work with your staff to provide a team-based approach to each school-age patient’s experience.

We communicate with parents, school districts and your team, reducing the overhead you might typically invest in managing an education program. And in doing so, we enable you to provide a holistic, integrated approach to supporting each school-age patient in your program. And we make the process simple.

Why We Are Your Ideal Partner

Our expertise makes it easy for you to provide regulated and accredited education programs to your school-age patients, often with little or no cost to your organization. We have over 20 years of experience providing high-caliber K-12 education programs in a variety of healthcare settings. Key aspects of our approach include:

  • Collaboration: We work directly with your team to understand your specific needs and what you want to accomplish with your educational program.
  • Flexibility: We recommend and create customized programs that are tailored to meet these unique needs, providing you with exactly what you need.
  • Compliance: All state regulatory agencies and/or accrediting bodies that provide oversight of these treatment programs require that education be provided to student-patients. We’ll make sure that your program meets the requirements to the letter.
  • Fiscally Responsible: We conduct due diligence to determine if funding for your educational program can come from municipalities to subsidize your cost.

By partnering with us, your organization will be able to focus on what it does best—provide treatment to children in need—while delivering the best quality out-of-classroom education to your student-patients that they can receive.

Are you eligible for a no-cost education program? Contact us today.

Engage your school-age patients through a positive learning experience

Learn how the Rockford Center Partial Program was able to keep kids engaged in the classroom leveraging our program.

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Make a lasting impact on a child’s education

Do you have a passion for teaching in alternate settings? Want to have a positive impact on school-age patients? We are always looking for quality people to join our team.

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"LearnWell's efforts to work closely with the school district improved all aspects of the center’s teaching program for both the staff and patients."

The Behavioral Health Center at Westchester Medical Center

How Can We Help You?

If you’re responsible for educational continuity for school-age patients, we could be of assistance to you and your organization. Contact us to learn more about how LearnWell can meet your programs specific needs.

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